Long ago king Hrothgar of Denmark built a wonderful golden hall. Each night he would host a great feast. There was laughter and food and fun. It was fun, for all but one…

In the lands of the marshes, in the waters of the horrid swamp, lived Grendel. He looked like a staved, gray, dead lizard. His thin arms had awful hands with claws like giant shards of metal. His long forked tongue dangled from a mouth full of steel teeth. And in his big yellow bloodshot eyes, there was not the madness of a reckless beast. Instead there was the determination of a primal hunter. He truly was the nights talking nightmare.

The laughter of the golden hall woke Grendel and angered him. So that night, when all in the hall was quit, Grendel came killed thirty of the kings men.

In the morning, Hrothgar saw his men murdered. He sent out word for help across the land. A kingdom cried out for help……. One voice answered.

Across the sea lived a man named Beowulf. He was a smart, strong man who had killed a sea monster. He heard of Grendel and wanted to help. He brought some friends with him to Hothgars hall and talked with him. Hrothgar clamed the monster would come that very night.

And so he waited in the hall that night wile everyone else slept. In the darkness Grendel came. He tore one man to pieces then reached for Beowulf. Beowulf swung his sword at the beast but it broke on the monster head. Grendel gave a thundering roar and smacked Beowulf across the room. Before he could hit the ground, Grendel struck him again. Beowulf was by now badly bruised. Grendel lifted his steel claws and swung down. A secant to slow. Beowulf dodged and tackled Grendel to the floor, they fought for some time till Beowulf grabbed Grendels Clawed arm and tore it off.

Grendel screamed, Thrashing around and sending Beowulf across the Hall for the third time. Grendel, Retreated out of the hall and back to his swamp.

The next day, everyone was celebrating when a huge monster bust in the Hall, grabbed Grendel arm and killed the King best friend. The monster ran out of the Hall.

Everyone was terrified. They all thought that Grendel had lived. But Beowulf new better, he new Grendel died.

So Beowulf traveled with Hrothgar to The swamp. The swamp was shrouded with darkness, nameless beasts crawled and swam through it. Beowulf new that the fiend was somewhere in the pool.

He plunged into it. He swam to the bottom. As he swam under a huge ledge he discovered A massive air pocket almost a mile wide. And in the middle of that air pocket was huge cavern. He entered the Cavern to see Grendels dead body. And standing over it was His mother. She was even more terrible then her son was, she stood nine feet tall. Her steel teeth looked to big for her mouth, and her iron claws had poison on the tips. Her scales where a raw color, and her yellow eyes housed Madness. Beowulf drew his sword, there was no need for words. She shirked and swiped the sword out of his hands Beowulf saw a sword on the wall. It was the Giants sword, a huge sword that people talked about in legends. Beowulf grabbed the blade and sleighed the fiend.

Then Beowulf returned to Hrothgar hall and celebrated. And the swamp, for the fist time in a hundred years Became clean, sparkly and beautiful once again.