Bio Science Fiction Novel Projects

Guidelines for Novels

  • Must be science fiction that contains biological elements.
    • Short Stories
    • Novel
    • Audio Book
    • Series books are also acceptable.
  • Must be at your reading level. Ask Mrs. Barto or Mrs. Detrick if you need help choosing one.
  • Must be approved by Mrs. B by Thursday, January 24 or I will assign you one.
  • You need to bring it with you to class during the first two weeks of 3rd quarter. We wil be working on experiments and you will use non-experiment time to read your novels and take notes.

Project Requirements

  1. Chapter Summaries that include:
    • Summary of events
    • Biological connections
    • Predictions for what will happen OR connections to other stories and/or world events
    • Chapter Summary Templates
  2. Connections with Biology (include in your presentation)
    • Must include additional sources to support your connections (we will discuss this further in class)
    • Implications
      • How would the world be impacted if the theories in the novel were true?
      • How would your world be impacted if the theories in the novel were true?
      • What research would need to be done for the theories presented to "come true"?
    • Why is the story fiction? Which parts of the scientific theories are fictional or unproven?
      • This is the spot to comment on your opinions of why the author's science is flawed -and back it up!
Presentation on your novel which includes connections to biological concepts (cells/genetics, protists/bacteria/fungi, plants or animals). Topics to be covered: Summary of events, biological connections with explanation Format choices**:
    • Paper
      • Approximately 3-5 pages.
      • Introduction: title and author, brief summary (1-2 sentences), why it was selected (1-2 sentences that include the important elements that will be discussed in the paper)
    • Oral Presentation
    • Poster
    • Other (must be approved by Mrs. B)