Careers Resources

With Mrs. Eppinga

Career Forward -- Michigan Virtual High School

Week of 1/5/08:

  • Students should be starting Module 4.
  • If I change my mind, or just feel uncertain about a career path, what should I do?
  • How do put everything together into a plan that works for me?
  • What are my next steps?

Week 1/12/08:

  • Students should be finishing Module 4 this week.
  • Course Reflection and Self-evaluation: What are 3 things you will take away from this course?
What was your biggest surprise? Do you feel you now have some resources to draw on for planning
your personal life, school life, an future career? List 3 resources you will use. What do you still feel
unprepared for? What questions do you still have?

With Mrs. Barto

Current Project

Understanding Careers

Week One

Our personalities and what we like. Thinking about work, jobs and careers.
  • Where do we see ourselves in 10 years?
  • Big Ideas:
    • Many people change jobs/careers more than 6 times in their lives. Why would this be?
    • Why would someone receive a degree in one area and not work in that career?
  • Assignments:
    • Observe the work habits of those around you. What are their jobs? What does it take for them to do their jobs?
    • Choose an adult you know and write a description of his/her job. Outline & Grading Expectations
      • Job descriptions include objectives/goals as applicable, qualifications and duties or responsibilities.
      • Provide a resource for the format of job description you choose (a description from a website, a model description from another job, etc..).
      • Turn these in typed or as a page on the wiki.

Researching and Career vs. Job
  • Interviewing and Researching
    • What is the difference between a job and a career? Create a written definition of each or an explanation for the comparison.
    • Interview the person you wrote the job description for.
      • How well does your job description match what he/she actually does for his job?
      • What is the career connected with her job?
      • What type of experience or preparation did she need for her job?
      • What type of lifestyle fits with this job/career?
  • Assignments:
    • Written comparison (or podcast) to describe the relationship and/or differences between a job and a career.
    • Interview questions (what will you need to ask to find your information?
    • Interview notes
    • Create a final product to compare/contrast that person's actual job with your initial job description.

About You: Where Might Life Take You?

  • Initial Brainstorming: Who are you? What things do you like to do? What are words or images that describe you? If you had two free days, how would you spend them? What are things in life that are important to you?
  • What Interests You? What are some careers that might match?
    • Based on our initial exploration, create a posting or a podcast that describes a career that might match your interests and why?
  • Career Voyages>

    • Choose dive into an industry with high demand for jobs. Choose two of those jobs and create a small presentation about them. Include:
      • name of job
      • Why is there such a demand for that particular job?
      • What type of skills are required for that job?
      • What type of education or training is required for that job?
      • What would it mean to do that job (lifestyle, hours, wardrobe, etc...)?
      • What is the demand for that job in our area and why?
      • What level of interest would you have in that job and why?
  • Presentations will be Friday, December 5