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Current News

Assistive Technology

May 2010, Kindy Segovia joined us from the Kent Intermediate School District to share some assistive technology options for supporting students within the classroom and at home.

Resources for Parents

Auditory Processing and Reading

  • "Hey Teacher, My Child Can't Read" a blog about Learning Disabilities and Reading Difficulties

    • Also has podcasts available for those who prefer to hear their information!

Helping with Language Skills at Home

High School

Math Resources

Web-Based Resources for Mathematics: Tools and Activities for Teaching and Learning"

Math Problem Solving for Middle School Students with Learning Disabilities

  • Solve It!a math intervention and problem solving with word problems curriculum for 6th-12th grade


Building Thinking Skills

  • Wiki: "Wiki, Don't Lose That Number" by Chris O'Neal (edutopia)
  • Why do we have to explain all this stuff in math?!?!? It has to do with the idea of Representing Math. Follow the NCTM link to read more: NCTM (National Council of Teachers' of Mathematics)
  • Math: "The Magic of Math" (edutopia)

Resources for Sensory Integration

Resources for Helpings and Supporting Kids with Anxiety

Other Resources: