Check this out from Barnes & Noble!

Box Tops for Education and Barnes and have teamed up to bring you the newest way to earn cash for your school!

Now you can earn cash just by buying the books you love. It's simple and there's no
additional cost to you! Here's how it works:

external image 2008-09-15_RR_d1.gif.gif
Log on to **** to begin your online shopping.
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Click on the "Shop now" button to transfer to Barnes and
Select your items and follow the standard checkout process.

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Your school will automatically be credited up to external image 2008-09-15_RR_burst.gif.gifof your purchase!

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Coke Rewards Points

1594 MyCokeRewards points to date (10/24/08)! Any Coke Rewards Points out there to bring in?!? You'll find them on most every 12-pk, 24pk, and under the lid of most bottled Coca Cola products. Just toss 'em in a baggie, send 'em in and we'll take care of them from there.

Thank you, Coca Cola! (August 25, 2008)
We've received our Samsung DVD/VCR/convert-every-format player from Coca Cola in June! It was FREE because we redeemed the required amount of "MyCokeRewards" points! The program delivers!

Magazine Sale

Renew your current magazine subscriptions or explore a new one during our QSP / Reader's Digest fundraiser. Students earn 40% of your total order for field trips, class trips and activities throughout the year. An online catalog can be viewed when you visit to place a secure order online. Lake Michigan Academy's school ID# is 425023726. Thank you for supporting student activities at LMA!

Our sales drive currently stands at 18 orders placed. The postcard booklets may yield significantly more for the students' accounts. Don't fall for those publisher mailings that convince you to extend your subscription through them, go online and give your favorite student an added bonus through this excellent fundraising opportunity 365 days of the year!

Giving Board

We now have a Helping Hand Board with donation items teachers could use:
- Music materials

Please send a email to if you have donated an item(s) so I can take it off the list. Thanks!

Box Tops for Education

Clip and save Box Tops for Education coupons from hundreds of your favorite brands! A complete list can be found at

Drop off Box Tops in the collection "house" in the lobby or at the school office. Use the submission form below to designate 50% of your Box Tops total for your child's tuition account, student account or other school project. The remining 50% is used by LMA to fund scholarships and provide curriculum enhancements. Thank you in advance for your support!