Environmental Science assignment week of June 7, 2010

Living Sustainably in Michigan
Sustainable Buildings – Alternative Energy Assignment

Grand Rapids is known as a leader in the United States in LEED certified buildings. Check this web site for proof: http://www.uschamber.com/bclc/sustainablecommunity_grandrapids.htm

Answer these questions before we go to see some of the examples in town.

  1. What does LEED stand for? (4)
  2. What does it mean to be LEED certified? (10)
  3. What are some different levels of certification? (4)
  4. What does each level require? (20)
    Pick one of these buildings in Grand Rapids and tell :
  5. What level of certification it has (2)
  6. What are some of the ‘green features’ that contributed to the LEED certification? (10)

    East Hills Center (of the Universe)
    Forest Hills Fine Arts Center
    Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM)
    Newberry Place- A Grand Rapids Cohousing Community
    Rapid Central Station- Interurban Transit Partnership
    Christman Building
    Aquinas College's Academic Building
    Aquinas College's Grace Hauenstein Library
    Aquinas College's Ravine Apartment D
    Calvin College Bunker Interpretive Center
    Metro Health Hospital
    Saint Mary's Health Care- Richard J. Lacks, Sr. Cancer Center