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A mind-boggling potential!

September 10, 2008

The afternoon Jr.High lab is out to demonstrate the energy released in a nuclear reaction! Needed will be a few thousand wooden mouse traps and an equal number of ping-pong-type balls and a large room. The specific requirements are being calculated based on the area that each individual mousetrap covers. The potential effect of this demonstration is sure to be even more memorable than a tornado ravaging a wind chime factory!!! We're looking for sponsors and help in lining up the equipment supply for this demo. You won't want to miss it; we'll get good coverage for you to view time and time again!!! Hang on, it's going to be one kind of a ride! Talk to Mr. Manning for further details or to offer suggestions ~ suggestions BESIDES being careful in arming the traps!

Some Nuclear Reaction Links
HowStuffWorks: "How Nuclear Power Works"