The store is under new management and is in the process of getting the product lines fine-tuned and on the cart. Keep an eye on this page for updates and specials!

Wow! There are just too many great things happening with the student store! I'm having to run awful fast to keep up with it all!
The Cappuccino Machine is waiting for its grand debut, hopefully by the middle of next week (or earlier, right Blake?!!). The dry mix is in hand and the variety available includes: Cookies 'n Cream, Hershey's Double Mocha, French Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice (a seasonal drink), English Toffee, and White Chocolate Caramel! No less than two flavors will be available at any given time!

Stop on up and get yours soon! Price is $ .75 for a 12-ounce thermal cup w/lid. You may bring your own mug but it MUST pass the size test BEFORE it will be accepted. (Oversize mugs may be subject to the going price of $1 per drink.) Again, this is a machine that's right out of a Speedway station so it'll dispense the quality you've come to know and love!

Rick Shack

Formerly and affectionately known as the Rick Shack, the student management team of 2008-09 thanks Richard Hamilton for all of his work and generosity in keeping us fed last year! It's a lot of work to run this store ~ there's four of us to do the job that Richard did alone last year! For the present year, if there's anything we can do to please your palate, let us know and we'll do what we can.

Looking forward to a great and prosperous year of service to you!

Hot Lunch

We are currently checking into providing a second day of hot lunch options. Any feedback from Dad & Mom would be appreciated, giving us an idea ahead of time if this is a good thing. We're also looking at bettering our deal with Pizza Hut so as to provide an alternative to our standard fare.

Student Checking Accounts

Checkbooks stand at-the-ready. Management will send home notices for your special requests/limitations for your student. We want to do our jobs with your best interests in mind. Student checkbooks work much the same way as the adult books do. There is no third-party bank to hold the money though. Checks are written on the account for store purchases and the records are double-checked with teachers and store personnel to maintain accuracy. Statements will be sent home at the end of the month for your viewing.

Money may be sent in and deposited to the account at any time.

Please note: This account is separate and distinct from the LMA student's "Activity Account." This account is for the sole purpose of doing business with the student store. Money may be withdrawn at any time at your request but there is no means of transfer from the "Activity Account" to the "Store Account."

Student Accounts

  • Steps for Setting up student account
  • Step 1 Bring in money
  • Step 2 If you have any restrictions on your son or daughter purchasing one of our products let us know.
  • Step 3 You will be given a check book from which you can purchase our food.
  • Step 4 You will be given a monthly report of the check book and what the balance is.

Products (these are last year's items...)




Chimi Changas
Pork Egg Rolls


Klondike bar
kit kat
M and M's


Rice Krispy Treats
Yogo Rollers
Yogo Bits

Sun Chips
Flavored Rice Krispie Treats
Chocolate Drizzle
Double Chocolate Chunk
$.25 each

soft batch cookies


Flavor Ice
Pop Corn
Juicy Fruit and Double Mint only for the High Schoolers because there have been requests that the younger students are not be allowed
to purchase gum.
cow tales
Animal Crackers
Your store Manager, Richard

Keep an eye on this wikipage to follow the updates of this year's student store!!!


The profits that we make go towards the School for example 2 years ago Eoin's World made enough money to buy the school a swing set but because of the construction the Swing Set has not been put up yet, and last year Li'l Pueblo made enough money for the school store to buy 3 new computers. The RickShack profits contributed toward another 3 computer upgrades last year. We're starting out this year with a healthy bankroll, enough to purchase the cappuccino machine!